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The Message Bible Studies for Young Adults quarterly features include a "Life Happens" introductory section designed to provide a contemporary, "life-centered" illustration as a "lead-in" to the lesson. These lessons are designed specifically for those who are 18-34 years of age. The lessons also feature lesson aims and an overview of the lesson text. The lesson is divided into three sections, with commentary on the selected verses. At the end of each analysis is a question designed to get students to connect with the text. Each lesson concludes a call to action in regard to one's life and one's world.


The Message Adult Teacher's Guide?Leadership Resource for Adult Bible Study provides the teacher with an overview of the quarter and a unique and more in-depth lesson commentary on the biblical text. It is designed to aid the teacher in adequately preparing to teach biblical truths with a view to persuading persons to deepen their relationship with God. The "Preparing the Lesson" section provides resources and tools for the teacher to prepare beforehand. The "Open Inquiry" section is designed to prompt an initial desire to examine the text further. The commentary provides background information to root the teacher in the biblical setting and history. The "Discussion Starters" are provided to awaken the class to deeper thinking as they wrestle with the text and its meaning.

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