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The Message Bible Studies for Upper Elementary Students quarterly is designed with the recognition that children are very visual, thus we have included a great deal of rich imagery in order to paint a clear picture of the Bible truths being conveyed. For more effective biblical exploration, we have included two characters: Nicholas and his camel, Cornelius. These two help tell the Bible story, bringing it to life. This curriculum includes realistic contemporary stories that connect with the everyday lives of upper elementary students. As a part of our children's curriculum, we have provided an activity book to help bring out the biblical truth in various styles. Included in the activity book are fun, challenging, and engaging games, such as decoding messages.


The Message Upper Elementary Activity Book is formatted to help reinforce the Bible lesson to this age group. The activities are age-appropriate and directly connect with each lesson in the Bible study book. The students will be challenged through a variety of activities, such as word searches, crossword puzzles, unscrambling activities, "True or False?" activities, etc.


The Message Older Children's Teacher Guide?For Middle and Upper Elementary Students is formatted to help these age groups begin the journey, engage in the voyage, and enjoy fun expeditions before they end the journey. This guide provides an overview of the quarter's study and teaching helps to guide the teacher in preparation to teach. The guide also includes posters and reproducible craft pages for selected lessons.

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